Victory Over War: An Introduction to the Dorje Kasung

February 3rd

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    Room: Shrine Room

    The Dorje Kasung is an organizational pillar within Shambhala modeled on the ancient tradition of dharma protectors. The role of the Dorje Kasung is to serve, protect, and care for Shambhala. Its members are trained in protecting the space in which practitioners are able to hear and practice the teachings, and this protection extends to the teacher who presents the teachings, the teachings themselves, and the community that practices the teachings.

    The motto of the Dorje Kasung is Victory over War. War represents the struggle with the three poisons identified by the Buddha: passion, aggression, and ignorance. Victory is being willing to face these poisons and meet them head on, in our minds and in our environment, with insight and loving kindness.

    This program is appropriate for meditation students who have completed Shambhala Training I or Contentment in Everyday Life and have an interest in a practice path of service and protection.

    Mamo chants will follow the talk on this last day of dön season.