Winter Solstice Celebration - Children's Day

December 22nd (2018)

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    Room: Shrine Room

    The Winter Solstice, celebrated as Children's Day in the Shambhala community, provides us with the opportunity to celebrate light and longer days ahead, honor our children and families, and spend time as a community appreciating each other. It is a welcome break during a chaotic week, a time to feel grounded and remember what is truly important to us. Children's Day is a party! We will have food, lights, poems, crafts, and conversation.

    You do not have to have children or bring children in order to join us on Children's Day! This day is for absolutely everyone in our sangha (and your friends and family), whether you are young or just young at heart. It is a time for our whole community to come together and enjoy each other's company.

    We are looking forward to seeing you there!

    What to bring: Yourself and any friends and family who would like to come. We will have a pot-luck table, so bring your favorite holiday snack, drink, or treat to share if you are able.

    Also please bring garlands, drawings, toys, candy, or anything else that the children in your life would like to offer for our Children's Day shrine. We will be decorating the shrine with everything the children bring during our Children's Day celebration.