Fundamental Topics in Buddhism Course 1: Karma

with Jay Lippman

February 23rd—February 25th (2018)

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  • $150.00 Patron Level
  • $130.00 Supporting Level
Room: Shrine Room
Fundamental Topics in Buddhism
Course 1: Karma
Life is full of inequities.  Some people are rich while others are poor.  Today's happiness turns into tomorrow's misery.  Innocent children die young; tyrants seem to live forever.  Why?  The Buddhist teachings on Karma offer an explanation for the ways things unfold in our lives.  Through the study of Karma, Buddhists find the motivation to practice virtue and to work with their minds.
Understanding Karma helps grasp the subtle Warrior teachings on emptiness, luminosity and bliss.  Please join us for a weekend of study and deep contemplation.  The teachings on Karma are profound and have the power to radically change how we live.

Pre-requisite: Students interested in this series should contact the instructor for approval before registering.  The Fundamental Topics series is designed for people who have completed, or are close to completing the “In Everyday Life” series and the 5 Shambhala Training Levels.  In the event of limited space, preference will be given to active members of the West Chester Shambhala Center. 


Beginning in January 2018, and over the next two years, the West Chester Shambhala Center will offer a series of weekend courses called “Fundamental Topics in Buddhism”.  

This series of courses was developed by Jay Lippman, senior teacher at the WCSC, following instructions from Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche.  Jay has taught these courses in the past at many Shambhala Centers.  He is offering them now particularly for WCSC students who are already familiar with the basic Way of Shambhala curriculum and wish to broaden their education in Buddhism.
The first course in the series explores the topic of Karma as taught in the Indian and Tibetan Buddhist traditions.    Topics in later courses include:
·      Bodhicitta, according to the traditional text “Jewel Ornament of Liberation”.
·      Emptiness, as taught in the Second and Third Turnings of the Wheel of Dharma. 
·      Progressive Stages of Meditation on Emptiness following the Mahayana Philosophical Schools
·      The Tibetan Meditation Practice of the Medicine Buddha  

These courses will use original texts and commentaries by Buddhist masters.  Students will be encouraged to study and contemplate the recommended readings after each weekend, and we will make an effort to form an on-going study group between courses.

This series will only be offered one time at the West Chester Shambhala Center.  The weekend courses must be taken in sequence.  Students must start at the beginning with the Karma course, and then take each weekend in order. 

Shambhala always has a generosity policy for its classes. Please pay at the level you can. No one will ever be turned away for financial reasons. If the price points for any course are too high for you, please contact us to work out alternatives. It is important to us that anyone who is interested in our classes is able to attend.