Online Dues Payment Form

See our membership page for more information about becoming a Shambhala member.

Once you have gone through the process of  deciding to become a member, you can use this form to set up monthly dues payment through PayPal. Please contact us at if you are new to our group. Membership involves a commitment to meditation and volunteering as well as providing financial support.

Where do your dues go? Among other things, your dues support the purchase of equipment and course materials. A longer term goal at present is having enough supporting members to rent a space in West Chester, which will make community and meditation space available many times a week instead of just Tuesdays. So most of your dues go into savings at present. (When we have enough in the bank, we will look for a space, and we hope that can happen soon. All our members will have a say in that.) Also, the financial model for Shambhala is for groups and centers to support the International organization so that teaching and practice and the curriculum we use are available globally. Rest assured, our finances are transparent to our members.