Meditation Instruction

We offer guided meditation instruction in our introductory classes, and through the Way of Shambhala curriculum. We also offer a “Introduction to Shambhala Meditation” course starting the first Tuesday evening of each month  from 7-9 pm.

Once a practice is established, we offer individual meditation instruction upon appointment with a Shambhala Guide or meditation instructor. Not just for “new” meditators, instruction is also recommended as part of our ongoing practice.

Depending on a student’s interest and experience, meditation instruction might include:

Introducing the practice of meditation

Introductory meditation instruction presents the basic meditation techniques taught in the Shambhala community.

Clarifying the view of meditation

In our tradition, meditation instruction involves more than the communication of a technique; it is, at heart, about the transmission of the revolutionary view that unconditional wisdom and compassion are the very ground of our being, and that by learning to relax more and more fully, we allow this fundamental nature to flower.

Instruction on working with obstacles to meditation

Common obstacles to meditation include disheartenment, resistance, procrastination, discursiveness and spacing out. The obstacles are well documented in the Shambhala Buddhist teachings—and so are their antidotes.

Guidance on the path of practice and study

Shambhala presents many opportunities for students to deepen their practice and study—public meditation sessions, weeknight classes, weekend programs, retreats and seminaries, to name a few. A meditation instructor can help you decide what to do next and when to do it.

Guidance on joining meditation and daily life

The workaday world is where the rubber meets the road. Getting the tools to meet life’s ups and downs with a strong and pliable mind and an open heart is another potential benefit of working with a meditation instructor.