Societal Health and Wellbeing/ Children & Families

There are no programs at this time

The area of Societal Health and Well Being is vast, expressive, creative, and a celebration of our natural ability to help each other and connect.  Supporting the ongoing development of our community includes many activities: fostering greater communication and contact among members, offering a warm and inviting environment to everyone, developing awareness and sensitivity toward diversity, caring for ourselves, each other and the greater community, ensuring the needs of our families and children are completely interwoven into the fabric of our community life, and having fun together as we travel this amazing path.

The Director of Societal Health and Well Being is the liaison between all community groups and classes and the Governance Council. Members with an interest in forming a group are encouraged to contact the Director,  Chris Carbo.

We have a regular Children’s program at the center, and also include children and families in as many aspects of the center as we can!