Volunteer Opportunities

We’re a small but growing community and there are many ways to volunteer your time, effort, or skills should you be inspired! Volunteering is a wonderful way to give back to the community and get to know other people. We recommend you attend a course or several open house meditation sessions before volunteering, so you can get to know us and our center a little first.


  • Sign up for our cleaning crew
    Once a week, usually on Sundays after morning sitting, volunteers clean and tidy the center so it’s sparkling and ready for use for the next week.
    You can sign up for the cleaning crew online here. The signup page will email you a few days before you’re signed up so you won’t forget!


  • Help with Meditation & Community
    On Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings, we have Meditation & Community at the center.
    To volunteer to bring snacks, please signup here. The signup page will email you a few days before you’re signed up so you won’t forget!
    We’re also looking for greeters to help make sure new attendees are welcomed- email Jeff with questions about that.


  • Become an Umdze/ Timekeeper
    The umdze leads group meditations and sets the tone of the practice environment. Primarily the umdze is the chant leader, so familiarity with the Shambhala chants is important. In general the umdze is a model for other practitioners, sitting at the front of the room, providing an example of good posture and alert shamatha. The umdze opens and closes the shrine, times the sitting and walking sessions, sounds the gong and gives the dharma reading of the day.
    Because umdzes set an example for others, umdzes should be experienced meditation practitioners, have been a member of our center for at least 6 months, and have taken several classes with us. We will periodically have training for new Umdzes at the center, especially if there’s interest from several people at once.
    Email Jeff for more details, if you’re interested.


  • Become a Dorje Kasung
    The members of the Dorje Kasung, modeled on the ancient tradition of dharma protectors, are trained in protecting the space in which practitioners are able to hear and practice the teachings. The protection extends to the teacher who presents the teachings, the teachings themselves, and the community who practice the teachings. This protection is part of their meditation practice, and is an offering from them to our community.
    As an example, the Kasung help make sure no one disturbs the community during meditation practice, so you may see a member of our Dorje Kasung sitting outside the shrine room during meditation times. The Kasung are also first responders to any kind of emergency, like a medical issue or fire, and are there to help greet people at the door, point out where the restrooms are, and help make sure the space is closed up properly for the night.
    Email Heather to help!


  • Offer your skills and talents
    Do you have a specialized skill or talent that you think could benefit the community? Maybe you’re a gardener and would like to offer a seed starting workshop as a community activity, or a carpenter who can help us build bookshelves, or an artist who can lend us art to display in the community room, or a parent who can help coordinate childcare and activities for our families. Let us know what you can do!


  • Lead a committee
    Many Shambhala Centers have committees dedicated to topics such as diversity, aging, disability & accessibility, environmental issues, families and children, young adults (also known as the Ziji Collective), and contemplative arts. These committees discuss ways to make Shambhala Centers welcoming to everyone, and work to coordinate activities of interest to the community beyond dharma study. If you’re interested in forming a committee around these (or other) topics, let Chris know.


  • Staff a program
    If you have completed Level 3, you can help staff a weekend program at the center. Staff help to make sure the weekend goes smoothly for attendees, and do things such as help set out snacks and drinks, keep time during meditation, serve the teacher water during the talks, make sure the center is set up correctly, etc.
    Email Jeff to help!


  • Help with Social Media
    We can always use help maintaining our Facebook and Meetup pages. It would also be great if we could establish Twitter and Instagram accounts, and further use Social Media to let our community know about upcoming events and to get to know each other socially. This position should be held by someone familiar with our community and confident with explaining the Shambhala vision!
    Email Alice to help!


  • Be our Membership Coordinator
    Our center does not currently have a membership coordinator. A membership coordinator is a friendly face who can help explain the benefits of becoming a member. They help put together brochures about membership, answer any questions about membership that come to our email, and keep up with our current member base, especially regarding dues payments.  This position should be held by someone familiar with our community and confident with explaining the Shambhala vision!
    Email Alice to help!


  • Help with Community Celebrations
    Be our party coordinator! We get together and celebrate several times a year, and can always use someone to help organize food and drink, decorations, activities, etc.
    Email Julia to help!