imageShambhala is more than a place to meditate and take classes. If you are inspired, it can become a lab for living in a different kind of culture — the culture of a community that practices these teachings with each other, and learns together how we might create a society based on basic goodness.


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In a world of isolation and individual consumerism, we can’t underestimate the value of that connectivity and sense of community. Community is part of our practice in Shambhala.

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Shambhala Buddhism emphasizes the importance of everyday life, and the power of integrating practice into our lives, so meditation is not just what we do by ourselves, on a cushion. At home, we are mothers, fathers, and children. In our work lives we are constantly connected to others, directly and indirectly. We are students, bankers, lawyers, care givers, parents, teachers, database administrators, nurses, on and on – people who contribute a variety of skills and talents to society. It is part of our practice to relate to our everyday lives in a confident and uplifted way, to show up for our lives and really wake up to the present moment and our basically good human nature. When we do this, we both recognize and create an enlightened society.
AnthonyMeditating together as a sangha and participating in dharma classes are important keystones to our community, but we also love to just enjoy each other’s company! We cultivate our sense of community by holding celebrations of nyida days (winter, spring, summer, and fall seasonal celebrations) each year, where we gather together and enjoy the changing of the seasons. We also have movie nights, book discussion groups, contemplative arts programs, children and family events, and other community-focused events.

We invite you to join us in this exploration and practice of community!


The kid’s corner at the West Chester Shambhala Center



Community Events

Meditation & Community (Open House)

August 13th—December 17th

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